IEKC 2023 – 18 & 19 February

We are hosting the 6th edition of the IEKC and after the past edition we as organisation evaluated to take into account the feedback of the drivers and to make this anniversary edition even better than previous years. Therefore, we made some changes to the set-up of the event with the following main starting starting points:

There are 4 race classes:

Overall: all riders participate in this

  • Junior: during the IEKC you must be a maximum of 15 years old. One must be born after 10-10-2004
  • Master: One must be at least 35 years old and therefore born before 10-10-1986
  • Ladies: this speaks for itself
  • The number of participants will be reduced to 60 whereby we strive to bring together the strongest possible field of drivers. For this reason, we first invite a select group of drivers based on performances in the past years. Afterwards, we will allow other drivers to subscribe for the remaining spots.
  • The minimum weight will be 85kg.
  • The championship will have 10 preliminary rounds with 6 groups of 11 drivers racing against each other in every round (groups based on a draw). The organisation will select a group of 11 similar karts. Each driver will drive one race in one of the  11 karts. In case of a kart failure, a kart will be replaced until the end of the preliminary rounds, this only applies in case a kart is not driveable anymore (i.e. a broken wheel or chain). Each race will be preceded by a one-lap qualification in your own kart. Races will be 12 laps including 1 mandatory pitstop. One extra point will be awarded for pole position and fastest lap in each race. There will be one drop result.
  • The best 30 drivers after the preliminary rounds will race in the semi finals in 3 groups of 10 (based on the ranking). In the semi finals a new selection of 10 similar karts will be used. In the semi final, every driver will qualify one by one in the same kart, the top 3 will earn 3, 2, and 1 extra points. The semi finals will be 25 laps with 1 mandatory pitstop, fastest lap will be awarded with one extra point.
  • The best 10 drivers after the semi finals will drive the final, which will be preceded by a knock-out qualification. The winner of each battle can choose the kart, every round survived will be awarded one point, like the fastest racelap. In the final, a selection of 10 new similar karts will be used. The final will be 40 laps with 2 mandatory pitstops.
  • The driver with the most points will be champion. As you are used from us, there will be a great prize pool available.

The track will be opened the entire day for practice on 16 & 17 February 2023. More info about the practice days and booking practice heats will be announced on short notice.

Cost for participating amount to €145. We ask to make a down payment of €45, which can be paid via this link: http://www.indooreuropeankartchallenge.com/sign-in-2/. We ask you to let us know before 15 January 2021 whether you would like to participate, you participation will be confirmed by paying the down payment. After this date the subscriptions will be opened for all other drivers. It is not possible to refund your down payment.

As a rider and visitor, please note that a covid pass may be requested. This means that you must be able to submit a vaccination certificate, negative test result of up to 24 hours or proof of curing covid on site.

We are looking forward to organise a great championship at 18 & 19 februari 2023 at Indoor Karting Middelburg and are looking forward to hear from you if you will be there.